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Mobile Patient Shower Trolleys

Crystal Patient Shower Trolley

Crystal Patient Shower Trolley

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TRE Patient Shower Trolley

TRE Patient Shower Trolley

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General Information about mobile Shower Trolleys

Mobile Patient Shower Trolleys provide a means by which a user can be showered and /or changed in a safe and comfortable horizontal position. The internal surface is softened using cushioning and consists of protective sides and ends to offer the maximum safety to the users. Shower Trolleys provide a surface with height adjustment and good drainage so that water can clear easily from inside the bed area. On mobile Patient Shower Trolleys the side guards are positioned on each side and can be easily raised and lowered for improved access and transfers. The functionality and quality of shower trolley varies with the main differences centring around aspects of how they look, how they work and the quality with how they are built:

  1. How the Shower Trolley bed surface section raises and lowers

    How the surface raises and lowers is significant where space is at a premium or in a busy shower room. With Shower Trolleys in the lower price range these tend to have lifting mechanisms which raises and lowers the bed surface with a lateral movement, hence increasing the overall footprint of the shower trolley up to 300mm throughout this cycle.  The more expensive models tend to have a centrally positioned lifting mechanism that allows a vertical movement of the bed surface straight up and down therefore not moving the bed surface laterally. This means that staff and carers do not have to take any such movement into account when choosing a Shower Trolley or using it.

    The noise and smoothness of the method of raising and lowering the Patient Shower Trolley is also a key consideration.

  2. Whether the chassis of a Patient Shower Trolley is made from coated mild steel or coated stainless steel.

    With the manufacturers best intentions when mild steel powder coated frames are used on Shower Trolleys they do get damaged and surface corrosion takes hold over a period of time. When a manufacturer uses Stainless steel frames, that can be surface coated, this provides a far more effective means of corrosion prevention therefore maintaining the looks of the Shower Trolley for a longer period of time.

  3. Design and style of function controls of the Patient Shower Trolley

    This includes things such as the type of castor lock and how the features of the Shower Trolley are operated such as ease of operation of the side rails, controls of the height adjustment function, ease of charging and steering and manoeuvring of the shower trolley.

Assisticare provide a choice of Shower Trolleys that compliment the high quality theme of our product range. The range consists of hydraulic and electrically operated trolleys of varying length from 150Kg safe working load up to the TRE Bariatric Shower Trolleys that can lift up to 450Kg.

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