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Installation Examples

At Assisticare we believe that customers appreciate seeing examples of the products we supply when installed.  The installation example page shows some of the products we have installed recently  and briefly describe the level of work involved.  The images also give the customer an idea of how the solution may look in their own property.


Swing Bath Installation 1

Job Description

Remove Old Parker Bath, adapt services and replace with new Parker Style Swing Bath.

Swing Bath Installation 1 beforeSwing Bath Installation 1 after

Swing Bath Installation 2

Job Description

This client has Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy and was using the Arjo Parker Sovereign for approximately nine years. The bath had become too small and a Swing Bath was assessed and determined to be the best option as it provided the in-bath support required and was larger internally to accommodate the client’s growth changes. The bathroom was challenging as the Swing Bath could only be installed by turning the position of the bath through 90 Degrees as shown in the images below. This required that the electrical services, hot and cold water and waste services had to be re-positioned accordingly. The bath also had to be within the transfer area of the existing ceiling hoist used to transfer in and out of the bath.

Swing Bath Installation 2 Before
Swing Bath Installation 2 afterSwing Bath Installation 2 after

Hi-Lo Bath with powered seat, H-system ceiling hoist and wall mounted Neat-fold Changing/Shower table.

Job Description

Complete assisted bathroom refurbishment from room design drawn by Assisticare. This project presented a particularly complex case with regard to layout of products whilst working to Health and safety guidelines.

H-system ceiling hoist

In the opposite corner of the bathroom a shower area was designated which included a fold-up and down shower chair and Neat-Fold Shower Changing Table.

Neat-fold Changing/Shower tableNeat-fold Changing/Shower table

Isis Adjustable Height Bath

Job Description

Due to the client’s needs changing the Apollo Bath shown below had to be removed and the area around the bath prepared for the installation of a new Isis Bath and Ceiling Track Hoist. The work involved tiling, plumbing, electrics and vinyl flooring under where the old bath had been.

Isis Adjustable Height Bath beforeIsis Adjustable Height Bath after


Bedroom to Bathroom conventionally mounted rail

Job Description

To provide a bedroom to bathroom hoist system, comprising of a single rail in the bedroom and H-system in the bathroom. The bedroom rail travels across the bedroom and is diverted toward the bathroom doorway via an electronic switch track. The rail through the doorway is connected to the H-system via an electronic Combi-Lock. This component is designed to engage with the traverse rail of the H-system in the bathroom and automatically open the safety gates so the hoist can travel through to the bathroom. When in the room the Combi-Lock is de-selected and the traverse rail disengages to allow the rail to move freely around the room.

Bedroom to Bathroom conventionally mounted railBedroom to Bathroom conventionally mounted rail

Length of rail allows for the charging station to be mounted at the opposite side of the room to the client’s bed.

90 Deg R/hand Switch Track to bathroom.
Bedroom to Bathroom conventionally mounted rail

The electronic combi-lock/safety-gate provides a means of connecting two independent rail systems to allow for transition through a doorway.

Bedroom to Bathroom conventionally mounted rail

From the bedroom the rail continues onto the H-system in the bathroom to aid transfer around the room and in and out of the Swing Bath.

Ceiling Hoist System with Recessed Rails

Job Description

To provide a bedroom to bathroom linked ceiling hoist system with H-system in the bedroom and H-system in the bathroom. The support rails for each H-system were to be set into the ceiling (recessed) so that approximately 25mm of rail only would protrude, from the finished ceiling, thus greatly reducing the visual impact of the overall H-rail system within each room.

The complexity for this type of installation requires that the ceiling hoist rail system has to be installed as a 1st and 2nd fix item.

1st Fix

Prior to the ceiling being boarded and the doorway detail started the support rails, for each H-system, are set in-between the joists at a sufficient position as to be exactly the same height in each room and allow a protrusion of rail (25mm) from the ceiling once boarded and skimmed. The rails are then braced in position prior to the completion of ceiling.

Ceiling Hoist System with Recessed RailsCeiling Hoist System with Recessed Rails

2nd Fix

The “through door” Combi-Lock and traverse rails of the H-systems are not installed until the ceiling is boarded and skimmed. On completion of installation of these components, and successful commissioning and weight testing the doorway header detail can be completed as shown below.

Ceiling Hoist System with Recessed Rails

The image below shows the opposite end of the H-system and how the support rail, when recessed, blends in aesthetically with the finished ceiling.

Ceiling Hoist System with Recessed Rails


Job Description

This job was to provide a height adjustable basin in an existing toilet area for use by pupils that attend a special school.

An existing fixed height basin was removed and the services altered to accommodate the new basin. The product shown below is a Pressalit Basin adjusted via the toggle switch on the right hand side. The basin moves freely up and down through a range of 300mm and does not require an electrical supply. Also included was a special extended lever mixer tap for ease of use.

Adjustable Height Wash BasinAdjustable Height Wash Basin


Job Description

To provide a family with a Pressalit change and shower table as part of an assisted enclosed shower area for a child with Cerebral Palsy.

Model shown is the Pressalit R8533021 (1300mm electrical height adjustment with safety rail).

Pressalit change and shower tablePressalit change and shower table


Level Access Solutions

Complete bathroom conversion to easy access shower area.

Job Description

To provide the customer with a wet floor shower area with suitable half height shower doors, wall mounted fold-up/down padded seat and support arms for security. The extent of works was a complete bathroom conversion including recessed Shower tray, large white wall tiles, dark blue non-slip vinyl flooring, new ceramic fittings, Triton Care Shower and electrically operated extraction fan.

Old bathroom before installing easy access showerOld bathroom before installing easy access shower
Easy Access ShowerEasy Access Shower

Shower Tray Solution

Part bathroom conversion to easy access shower area.

Job Description

To provide the customer with an enclosed shower area with a fold-up/down wall mounted shower chair with backrest. A surface mounted shower was installed with half height sliding doors and full length curtain. The property was relatively new and the customer only wanted a partial room conversion. The work included removal of existing bath, preparation of site for Shower tray, tiling and the laying of non-slip vinyl floor to the floor outside the shower tray.

Shower Tray SolutionShower Tray Solution
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