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Bathing Cushions

Specialist Bathing Cushions and Mattresses

Specialist Bathing Cushions and Mattresses

Assisted Bathing with comfort, support and safety.

Specialist Bathing Cushions and Mattresses

All bathing surfaces have hard surfaces that can be uncomfortable for the user. The Comfybathe range of standard and assisted bath cushions and bath mattresses are designed to enhance the overall bathing experience by improving the comfort and support of clients and help to reduce the risk of injury to a user in any bathing situation.

All of our cushions and mattresses are manufactured to a very high standard and are made from high grade PVC covering that combine strength and durability and yet still deliver a soft, comfortable contact area for the user.

Each bath cushion has just the right amount of air extracted during manufacturing and sealed for water proof integrity. The welded joints are high frequency welded for extra strength and performance. Adequately sized suckers are positioned evenly on the back of each cushion so that there is sufficient adhesion of the cushion to the bath surface.

The bath cushion range comprises of:-

Comfybathe Standard Bath Range

Comfybathe Assisted Bath Range

Comfybathe Custom Bath Cushion Range

In - bath support systems

Comfybathe Standard Bath Cushions

A standard size of bath cushions to insert into the bath for comfort when bathing independently. The range consists of head cushions, base cushions to be placed on the bottom of the bath and backrest cushions.

Examples of standard sizes are:-

Head Cushions 200mm x 300mm
Back rest and Base cushions 400mm x 500mm

Comfybathe Assisted Bath Cushions

Specialist Bathing Cushions and Mattresses

We have sizes and configuration requirements for base, side and back cushions for the following assisted bath manufacturers:-

Parker Baths (All models, i.e. manual hydraulic and electric)
Astor Bannerman
Swing Bath
Aqua Nova

If there is a manufacturer not listed above simply contact our office and we will answer your query and, if need be, visit your premises to determine the dimensions required for the bath in question.

Comfybathe Custom Bath Cushions

A bespoke service providing custom sized or configured bath mattresses, bath cushions and in-bath support systems for requirements outside of our standard range. We can provide a custom cushion from a basic line drawing that clearly shows the dimensions for the cushion or mattress required or following a joint visit where an assessment can be made by a member of the Assisticare team.

Examples of custom products are:-

For information about our standard sizes cushions and mattresses or to enquire about the custom size service please contact our main office number or e-mail your enquiry to enquiries@assisticare.com.

If you wish to provide you own drawing of the cushion or mattress required simply download the Custom Soft Drawing Form here.

Custom Cushion drawing form.pdf

Provide a line drawing showing the configuration of cushion/mattress you require and fax, e-mail or post the form to our office. A member of our team will liaise with you via e-mail with any comments we may have or via telephone if there are significant questions to be asked. Following this we will provide you with a free, no obligation quotation.

In - bath Support Systems

The In-bath support systems available from Assisticare comprise of shaped polypropylene that forms a shape over which a bath cushion can be placed so providing a soft, more supportive bathing system for users with poor means of supporting themselves in a conventionally shaped bath.

The shapes can be made to suit the size of the client taking hip to knee and knee to foot measurements.

Specialist Bathing Cushions and Mattresses
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