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Sensory Bathing

From Assisticare

Supplementary care through sensory stimulation

It has long been known that sensory stimulation improves the well-being of individuals and is increasing being recognised as improving the treatment of the elderly and adults with learning disabilities and other areas of care.

Adults and children with learning disabilities as well as sufferers of Alzheimers, circulatory related conditions and physical chronic conditions that impair an individual's mobility are thought to respond well to either a specific or integrated method of sensory stimulation available in the market place.

As well as implementing these therapies, in every-day activities, sensory stimulation can be incorporated into bathing facilities so as to provide as relaxing and beneficial experience to the user during bathing.

The main Sensory systems that Assisticare can fit to the bathing products we supply are:-

Colour Therapy (Chromatherapy)
Audio Therapy (music and sound in the bath)
Hydro Therapy (Whirlpool/Air Spa)

In addition to the specialist baths we supply, Assisticare provides a range of high quality conventional style baths with tailored sensory options for families; providing care at home for their relatives as well as residential schemes, Sheltered Housing, integrated living facilities and so on. These conventional style baths are for users who are ambulant and able to access a bath independently, and bathe with minimal supervision. However, some bath models are also available with mobile hoist access panels if required (hoist access panels are made from MDF).

We are able to fit 2 and 4 light system and Bath Sound II audio system to most of the baths in our Inclusive living range as well as Air Spa and Whirlpool Options.

The Inclusive Living Sensory bath range consists of the highest quality branded baths available on the market and each one is either specifically designed for inclusive living or have twin grips available to help with transferring in and out of the bath.

Baths are delivered for a plumber/contractor to install as they would a conventional bath.

To view the range of Inclusive Living baths available with the Sensory options you can see on this page,  please click here:

Inclusive Living baths

As well as bringing to you attention of the range of Inclusive Living Sensory Baths available from Assisticare the purpose of this page is also to provide information and links to inform and help visitors about Sensory systems which are available.

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Chromatherapy (Colour) Sensory System In Bathing

Chromatherapy is sometimes called Colour Therapy or Light Therapy, is the use of soft, sequential lighting that can be used to effect human well being.

Whilst it has no scientific foundation, it is increasingly being used as a means of relaxation and sensory stimulation in the field of Dementia, Mental Health and Learning disability.



How Chromatherapy works in a bath

The light system is activated via an easy to operate push button.  Each LED light is synchronised and illuminates through a sequence timed programme so as to give the user beneficial experience in that particular colour.  The sequence can be paused, by the touch of a button, so that a particular favourite colour stays illuminated for as long as the user wishes.  The button is pressed again to progress through the remaining sequence.

The water in the bath is beautifully coloured which contributes to a more relaxing bathing experience.

The Colour Sensory system consists of anything from 1 x LED light fittings to a total of four total LED light fittings. The number we can fit to a bath is determined by the make and design of the bath of the customer's choice. In some cases only one light is possible due to there being limited space being available under the bath.

Single LED Light

The light(s) are securely fastened through the surface of the bath and are fully waterproof. The fitting is IP rated and fully sealed and waterproof and operates via a low voltage DC supply so the system is safe to use within a bath.

Bathsound II®

In-Bath Stereo Music system

Imagine laying in you bath and being able to listen to your favourite music or relaxing to your favourite audio book.

With the Bathsound II ® this luxury is now available via Bluetooth technology so no more damaged stereo’s, radios or soggy books.

The Bathsound II system is available as a separate feature of the Sensory Range of Assisticare bathing products as well as selected baths from our assisted bathing range. It can also be added to other complimentary sensory options such as the Air Spa and Colour Therapy options to create a more complete and calming experience for the user.

BathSound II® lets you play your music via wireless Bluetooth connection.  Simply pair up the Bathsound II with your mobile phone /iphone/ itouch / ipad / ipod or other Bluetooth device.

Stream radio stations via Tune in radio (iphone App).

A blue LED on the volume control, positioned on the bath will indicate the connection and the chrome dome is your volume control and on/off function.

When the Bathsound II is connected to your Bluetooth device you can listen in clear, stereo sound even when the bath is full.

Music can be played at the same time as other sensory options such as coloured lighting for maximum effect.

The unique stylish design has the following features

The BathSound II® works on the same principle as a musical instrument such as the acoustic guitar or violin.  It uses a patented electro-acoustic excitation device attached on either side of underside of the bath.  The whole of the bath vibrates very slightly and just like the guitar or violin, these vibrations create a powerful and natural sound source that amplifies through the water to your ears.

"Sound waves travel up to four times faster through water than air"

CE marked and approved for the bathroom environment.

Patented and Made in the UK.

BathSound II ® is completely hygienic and needs no cleaning or maintenance is also completely safe to use in a wet environment.

Hydro Therapy

Research conducted by various organisations reveals that hydrotherapy can have several medical benefits such as:-

These are two very different ways of creating the agitated state of water in your bath which then provides you with a relaxing Hydro massage experience.

Whirlpool Hydrotherapy

This system uses water from within the bath and pumps the water around an enclosed, internal system which is then forced back into the bath via a minimum of six directional nozzles as seen above. Air is injected into each nozzle so as to increase the levels of bubbles emitted from each nozzle. The nozzles are positioned on the internal side surfaces of the bath and can be used to create such a movement of water around the user.

The system is operated via a push button at the side of your bath and can operate at various speeds.

Regular flushing and hygienic cleaning of the internal pipe work, is required so as to reduce the risk of cross infection and build on contagion such as Pseudomonas Aeruginosa.

Whirlpool systems are ideally suited where a user wishes to experience a longer time in the bath as the water tends to maintain original bath water temperature for longer.

Due to the closed nature of Whirlpool systems they are generally only used in houses for private individuals and not in properties as a communal facility and should not be recommended for assisted bathrooms in Care Homes.

Air Spa Massage

Whist also providing a relaxing means of Hydrotherapy, an air spa system agitates the water in a different way to a Whirlpool Hydrotherapy bath.

Air is pumped into the bath from underneath the user through discreet, subtle nozzles located on the base surface of the bath tub.  This creates vertical columns of bubbles which collectively massage’s the user’s skin and muscles.  The air is pre-heated prior to being pumped into the bath so as to reduce heat loss of the water temperature.

The system motor can be either a single of multi speed depending upon the specification of system you choose.

As is the case with the Whirlpool system, the Air Spa system is operated via a push button mounted on the side of the bath.

Bath water is prevented from entering the internal pipe work of the system by a non return valve located behind each nozzle.  This means that the system can be cleaned more easily using a spray application external to the pipe work and being concentrated around the nozzles, making it more suitable for use in Care Homes and multi user environments but are also ideally suited to private properties.

It is generally felt that an air spa system is a gentle, more subtle Hydrotherapy system than a Whirlpool particularly relevant where skin sensitivity is an issue.

Air Spa systems are easier to fit to a bath as the pipe work is smaller and less complicated, this is why some baths have the Air Spa option and some do not.

The position of each of the Air Spa nozzles always has to be on the bottom surface of the bath and cannot be on the side or backrest section of the internal bath surface.  This is because the bubbles emitted from the nozzles are designed to travel in a direct, vertical direction upward.

The nozzles are low profile and should not really obstruct a user from being able to stand up in the bath, although the presence of the nozzles should be a consideration if the bath is to be used as a stand-up shower in which the base of the bath tub is frequently used to walk on.

For the reasons above we are not always able to offer all of the Sensory option with every bath we advertise on this website.

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