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Inclusive Living Bath Range


1700 X 750 Right/left hand variation


1700 X 750


1700 x 800 Right/left hand variation


1675 x 700 1800 x 750


1700 x 700 Low level eco option available

To request a price for any of the baths including,  Sensory Options please email:  enquiries@assisticare.com

The Inclusive Living baths below have been carefully selected to provide a range of baths which are more conducive toward independent living, and models that can facilitate as broad a range of Hydrotherapy and Sensory options as possible.

To learn more about the Sensory Bathing options, and how they can help with areas of Alzheimer’s and dementia care, learning disabilities and various spectrum conditions, please visit our Sensory Bathing page via the link below.

Sensory Bathing

The baths are all of the highest quality and finish for the consummate bathing experience.

Please note:   we supply the baths and sensory system of choice as standard items with bath panels and waste fittings being optional extras.  We do not supply the Brassware, or taps and bath filler’s as these items can be subject to variation in technical performance and individual choice and so for these reasons we recommend that these items be supplied by your plumber or contractor.  All baths come in white colour only.


Designed with inclusive living in mind, this bath comes with a unique shelf/ledge to allow users to adopt a seated position when accessing the bath. Used in conjunction with the removable bath seat, and the unique internal mould of the bath side and grips, it creates a bath system to help users who are less able to get in and out of the bath, whilst more able users can use the bath as they would any other bath.

The bath seat is so practical in how it can help able and less able users to get the most from their bathing experience.

Left hand model Left hand model

For a two minute video of the bath see the You Tube video below:

Each of these baths come with the Bath Seat, Clicker Waste and Techno Gel Headrest included as standard.

Left hand model dimensions Left Hand Model Dimensions
Right hand model dimensions Right Hand Model Dimensions

In addition to the All Off set Family Bath, Tywfords also make an All Rectangular Bath model which does not include the additional seat mould on the side, but still incorporates the unique internal moulding and angled hand grips of the off-set models.


In designing the Concept Freedom Bath, Ideal Standard worked with renowned Occupational Therapist Anava Baruch to develop an inclusive living bath suitable for all family members with varying degrees of mobility.

This bath has a seat mould which has the benefit of being internal to the footprint of the bath. This provides a transitional seat as well as an area to grip when sitting oneself up in the bath. This can be used in conjunction with the moulded step/footrest at the tap end which users can place their feet upon to brace against thus helping to sit up from a reclined position.

The Concept Freedom bath has multiple dual features suitable for all ages – for example, the bath seat is a perfect place to sit whilst bathing young ones in the family.

Occupational Therapists believe that one of biggest worries with bathing is slipping whilst in the bath tub.  The foot ledge gives the option to prompt a sitting position or it can be used as a footrest when reclining back into the bath

Push Down “clicker waste” easy to use.

Low bath height 460mm (80mm below standard bath height) gives the user more control and feeling of security when accessing and exiting the bath
Handgrip mould helps the user when leaning forward.

The gentle slope on the backrest has been designed with comfort in mind.

Luxury Gel Headrest responds to the exact arc of the user’s neck for the maximum comfort.

Left hand model Left hand model

For a two minute video of the bath see the You Tube video below:

Left hand model Left hand model
Right hand model Right hand model


With conventional bath lines, the Imperial Bath delivers a practical option with twin grips and a full length textured base.

Suitable for showering, this bath is highly versatile with stylish lines and a unique contoured backrest that works in conjunction with the Universal Foam and Gel Headrest options available from Eastbrook.

Gel Head Rest

Universal Foam Head Rest

1675mm x 700mm model
1800mm x 750mm model


Quantum Single Ended Integra 1700mm x 700mm

A high quality bath with stunning, clean and simple lines with twin chrome hand grips for added safety and security.

The range of Quantum baths come with an ECO model which uses less water (174 litres) than the conventional Quantum Bath (228 litres). The ECO option Quantum Bath also has a height of just 480mm for easier access.

Single Ended Integra ECO Model 1700mm x 700mm

As with the Imperial Bath the Quantum also has the option of the universal foam or Gel Head Rests.

Quantum Integra SE 1700mm x 700 Standard Height Bath

Quantum Integra SE ECO 1700mm x 700 Low – level Bath


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